Nano-Ceramic Car Coating- 


A Protective Solution So Cutting-Edge and Advanced That it's Changed Everything Pertaining to Paint and Vehicle Surface Protection.   


Ceramic Technology is the "Secret Sauce" to Car Care and Looks That Have Customers Raving. This Top-Notch Product and Service is Finally Available in Southwestern Colorado. 

(Yes, there are inferior versions around, so be aware of that.)

ceramic coating on truck
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A Car Paint and Surface Protection That Represents the Next Evolution.
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Once you factor in extending the life, looks, and surfaces of your car, a better question might be to ask what it's costing your vehicle NOT to get a top-notch professional application of ceramic nano-coating. 
  • Duration is for years, not months. 
  • Can be applied on glass and trim for added weather barrier.
  • Protects your vehicle paint and surfaces from Magnesium chloride    corrosion (Applied on Colorado roads for anti-icing and deicing.)
  • With a hardness factor of 9h, this ceramic nano coating is slightly less hard than the surface of a diamond, yet thin enough to be flexible.
  • Far superior to waxing and saves money on wax and washing maintenance. 
  • Applies on car glass too, giving UV and scratch resistance. 
  • Closest thing you can get to driving your car, truck or RV as if it's still in the garage. 
  • UV protection and preservation from weather of all types for years. 
  • Surface insurance from flying road debris and unwanted sap or tar.
  • Saves money on car value, repainting, preservation, need for wax repetition, and keeps paint and trim from fading. 

Above- See an exceptional shine that is both reflective and protective for years to come. It's possible with ceramic coating and this example is achieved on a black car.

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Below- Watch Mike polish this Porche followed with a cutting edge, long-term ceramic treatment that reduces maintenance and gives a long-term shine without waxing.

Ceramic Coatings Pricing

Generally starts at $500, and this service generally includes an exterior detail service that would usually be needed for preparation required for application. There are 3-year and 5-year ceramic options.

Ceramic coatings are applied to paint and trim surfaces. 

Glass, headlights, rims are extra, though this can be negotiated at the time of purchase. 


Ceramic treatment is figured at $100 an hour.

Interior Ceramic Coating service generally starts at $150, and depends on what surfaces you wish to have included. 


Ask about New Car protection. (All interior and exterior surfaces Ceramic coated.)

Make Water Slip Right Off Your Surfaces!

(Very good for your car)

Additional services and

super high quality paint correction

Headlight restoration. Headlights are wet-sanded and polished, and coated.  $100 


Wheel Coating. (rims only, not tires) $100 per wheel. 


Paint correction. $150 per pass


Maintenance packages are usually quarterly. 

Paint or trim restoration are done on a per-quote basis. *

*Amatures and those wishing to take short-cuts often think of paint correction in terms of mostly buffing, which is needlessly broad and over-simplified. What's really needed is a specialized understanding of compounding and polish which can greater enhance the depth and glow. 

The cost NOT to have a high quality nano-ceramic reveals itself over time. The longer your car is shielded, the more you save.