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Options, Info and Prices

Car and Truck Detailing Packages 


Choose What's Best For You

Basic cleaning services generally work out to about $50 an hour. Every vehicle needs to be handled on a quote basis. While some will be at starting prices mentioned below, others can easily come in at 25% or more depending on size and other details.


Our commitment is to always be fair and do what we can to give you a great and lasting value for the price. 

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Options and Prices

Maintenance Detail -For someone who has had their car detailed in the last 90 days. (usually 1 to 2 hours) Includes-

Wash and wax. 


Tire and wheel well wipedown/basic clean. 


Interior vacuum and wipedown of dash and center console. 


Truck beds are not normally done unless specifically requested. (additional fee)

Mike at D-Town Mobile Detailing is the BEST!  

The first time I called Mike he was so generous with him time, answering all my questions to help me decide what type of service I wanted.  We then set an appointment and he showed up at my home ON TIME and got right to work.  Mike detailed my car like no one else ever had, prepping it thoroughly before applying the nano-ceramic coating - my 5-year-old car came out looking brand new! 


Now it is so much easier to keep clean, and I am on a regular monthly maintenance plan with Mike, so I know my auto investment is protected.  Mike is always cheerful and professional because he truly loves the work he does. I can unequivocally recommend Mike at D Town Mobile Detailing!                         Sharon P. - Durango 

Full Detail!

(usually 4- 6 hours)

This is the Interior and Exterior packages combined, and we get it as close to how you drove it off the lot as possible. 


Optional – six month sealant.

This is a one-step specialized polish and sealant. 

Interior vehicle detail (usually 2-3 hours) includes–


Interior completely blown out and thoroughly vacuumed. Including trunk space.

All hard-plastic surfaces are steamed, cleaned, and dressed. 

Headliner (as needed), is steamed. 

All fabrics are steam cleaned and stains removed. (though we try, not all stains come out completely) Interior windows cleaned. 


Starts at $75


Excessive mud/dust/pet hair. +25

Trucks (because they don’t have trunk space) fall into the medium size category. 

Exterior detail includes–

Paint/Glass/Trim washed with two bucket or eco-friendly rinseless wash system.

Paint and windshield decontaminated (clay bar treatment for embedded dirt)

Wheels/wheel wells/plastic trim cleaned and dressed. 


Standard with Wax 6-month sealant one-step polish and sealant

Starts at $125 

Tip- Since an exterior job is much of what needs to take place for a ceramic coating anyway, you would be in a position to save on that advantage is you want it.


See more about the benefits of ceramic here. 

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Additional Services and Charges–

Excessive pet hair  $25-50

Engine cleaning  $30-65

*Clay bar  $20-40

*An engineered resin compound known as a clay bar is designed to remove marks and contaminants from surfaces like your car's paint, fiberglass, metal and glass.

Ceramic  –So New That Most Aren't Aware of the Advantages Yet . . . 

Ceramic Nano Coating for Car Surfaces

This is cutting edge protection and shine for years.

If you don't know about it yet,

it's time you did.

 Pricing and more info is found on the

Ceramic Car Coating page.

Benefits generally range from great to incredible. 

More info about the amazing benefits of ceramic technology car sealant.

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For a quick spruce up, our basic Eco Wash package is perfect, cleaning inside and out.

Full Eco Wash includes–

Exterior eco hand washing

Interior/exterior windows

 and vacuum


Pricing can vary based on

vehicle size.

Typically $50

Prices can vary based on vehicle size.

(Considering that full service car washes and at-home users commonly apply between 45 and 100 gallons, this is the environmental wash of the future available now.)

At D-town Mobile Detail, the wash is eco-friendly, with a unique cleaning system that is water-conservative and uses biodegradable agents.

This proprietary eco-wash only takes a gallon of water or less, and it does an amazing job on cars.  Trucks and RV's too!

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